Wall Design - 101 Flor de Algodao

Product Dimension: 
12" x 12"

Complementto D. – Wall Design

These wall design coverings, available in assorted styles, create a light, practical, washable and easy-to-install decoration which is contemporary and cutting edge.

Formed by flat, thin sheets of PVC, 12” x 12”, these pieces come to life as soon as you mount them on the wall. They are impervious to fungus, bacteria, insects, rodents, gases and liquids.  They are also resistant to chemicals, flame, sun, wind and water and are versatile, environmentally correct and recycled. The sheets also function as excellent heat, electric and acoustic insulation and are made with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Due to these advantages, there are no environmental restrictions in that the sheets may be used inside or outside and even in bathrooms and kitchens and can be placed over existing wall coverings.

Due to their innovative and creative material and designs, they will make the environment cozier, as well as more beautiful and elegant. In light of these surprising qualities, wall design coverings have satisfied the most demanding clients, decorators and architects who are looking for something different for their projects.

The designs are exclusive creations of Daniel Goncalves and Cristina Santos of Complementto D.  




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